Vayakhel (Exodus 35:1-38:20)

35:1-2 What do the verses have to do with driving to shul on Shabbat?
35:2 Why did Moses give the commandment to keep the Shabbat before the commandment to construct the Mishkan which was in the reverse order that G-d said it to him (Exodus 31:12-17)?
What does Shabbat have to do with forgiveness of sin?
35:3 Why is lighting a fire mentioned specifically in this verse?
What is the punishment for lighting a fire on Shabbat?
What is the usual punishment for violating a negative commandment?
35:10 What does this verse have to do with Alcoholics Anonymous?
35:11 What is the Tabernacle-Spread?
What is the Tent-Spread?
What is the Cover made of?
35:12 What is the Parochet screen?
35:13 What is the Bread of Surfaces?
35:14 What are the implements?
What were the lamps?
35:15 What is the Entrance Screen?
35:17 Why is the courtyard referred to as both masculine and feminine in Hebrew? How do we know that it is so referred to?
Where else in the Bible are names treated as both masculine and feminine?
35:18 What did the pegs do?
What were the cords used for?
35:19 What were the mesh garments used for?
35:22 Why did the men accompany the women?
The verse can also be translated as “the men came along after the women”. Why
would they come after them?
What is a “kumaz”?
What is it an acronym of?
35:26 How was the fleece spun from the goats?
Why was it done this way?
35:27 What was the princes’ punishment for contributing last to the Mishkan?
35:30-33 Why was Bezalel chosen?
35:30 Why is Bezalel’s grandfather also mentioned?
Who was Hur?
35:34 Why is Oholiab on the same level as Bezalel?
36:4-6 Why was Moses’ proclamation so wordy?
36:5 What does “more than the labor” mean?
36:7 What do the two appearances of “the work” refer to?
37:1 Why does the verse attribute the work to Bezalel alone?
What does this verse have to do with “letting someone else do it”?
37:5 Why are the Hebrew words used for the rings of the Table and the Altar not used for the rings of the Ark?
37:8 What was so special about the mirrors?
Why did the women congregate at the entrance?
38:8 Why did G-d cherish the mirrors more than all else in the Mishkan?