Va’eira (Exodus 6:2-9:35)

6:2 How did G-d speak to Moses?
What attribute of G-d does Elokim refer to?
What attribute of G-d does Hashem refer to?
6:3 What is G-d saying to Moses?
According to the Midrash how did Isaac enable the Jews to leave Egypt after 210 years?
6:6 What does “I am Hashem” imply?
When did G-d promise this and to whom?
6:9 What does “they did not listen to Moses” mean?
What does “shortness of wind” reflect?
6:14 Why are the tribes of Reuben, Simon and Levi mentioned here?
6:16 Why are the years of Levi’s life stated but not the years of Reuben and Simon?
6:23 What do we learn from “sister of Nachshon”?
6:25 What does Putiel mean? Who is Putiel?
6:26 Why does the Torah sometimes list Aaron first and sometimes Moses first?
What does “according to their legions” mean?
What does the last “this is Moses and Aaron” refer to?
7:1 What does “shall be your speaker” mean?
How does this relate to the meturgeman of Talmudic times?
7:3 Why did G-d harden Pharaoh’s heart?
When did G-d harden Pharaoh’s heart?
What does this verse have to do with the story of Jonah?
7:11 What does “with their charms” mean?
7:15 Why did Pharaoh “go out to the water”?
What does “he goes out to the water” (present tense) imply?
7:16 What is the Midrashic interpretation of “until now”?
7:17 Why was the first plague in connection with the Nile?
7:18 What will the Egyptians become weary of?
7:19 Why did Aaron initiate the first two plagues and not Moses?
7:25 What does “was filled” refer to?
7:28 Why did the frogs come into Pharaoh’s house before they entered the homes of the other Egyptians?
7:29 What does “And unto you and unto your people” indicate?
8:2 Why does it say “the frog ascended”?
8:12 Why did Aaron initiate the plague of lice and not Moses?
8:14 What does “to draw forth the lice” mean?
8:17 What does “incite against you” mean?
What do the plagues have to do with kings laying siege to a city?
Why does Rashi mention the above here and not at the first or last plague?
8:22 What does “the abomination of Egypt” refer to?
8:27 What happened to the wild beasts?
9:10 How did they still have animals?
9:18 How was the time determined?
9:24 What are the miracles in this verse?
9:28 What does “it has been much” mean?
9:33 What does “did not come down” mean?