1. Artzah alinu (3) alinu
    Artzah alinu (3)
    K'var charashnu v'gam zaranu (2)
    Aval od lo katzarnu. (4)

We have come to the land, tilled the soil, sown the seeds, but we
have yet to harvest our crop.

2. U-shavtem mayim b'sason mimynai hay'shuah. (2)
    Mayim (4) Hoi mayim b'sason
    Mayim (4) Hoi mayim b'sason
    Hey (4) Mayim (6) B'sason
    Mayim (6) B'sason

And we shall draw water from the wells of salvation.

3. Ehsa eynai el he-ha-rim mei-a-yin (2) yavo ezree
    Ehsa eynai el heharim
    mei-a-yin (2) yavo ezree
    Ezree mei-im Hashem oseh sha-ma-yim va-aretz.

I lift my eyes to the hills, the source of my help.
My help is with Hashem, who makes heaven and earth.

4. Finjan (coffeepot)

The wind is so cool in the night
The logs on the fire are bright
And sparks all adancing arise
A shining like stars in the skies
The singing is hearty
And all through the party
Around and around goes finjan.

La, la, la, la, ...........

The bonfire glows in the night
Our hearts are so happy and light
We know that we're building our land
A garden will rise from the sand
We stand like a mountain
Our homeland a fountain
Around and around goes finjan.

La, la, la, la, ...........

5. Eretz zavat chalav u'dvash.

 A land flowing with milk and honey.

6. Ah-tsay zaytim omdim.

    La la la la la la la ....

Olive trees are standing.


Song Sheet Courtesy of Congregation Am HaYam.