1. Avinu mal-kei-nu cha-nei-nu va-ah-nei-nu (2)
kee ein bah-nu mah-ah-seem
Ah-sei ee-mah-nu tsdah-kah va-cheh-sed (2)

Our Father our King,
Be gracious to us and answer us, for we are unworthy
Be charitable and show us loving-kindness and save us.

2. Al na-ha-rot Bavel (2)
Sham ya-shav-nu gam ba-chi-nu
Bzach-ray-nu et Tsi-yon. (2)

By the rivers of Babylon, we sat, we wept
When we remembered Zion.

3. Eyli Tsi-yon v-ah-reh-ha k-moh ee-shah v-tsi-reh-ha
V-chiv-tu la cha-gu-raht sak ahl ba-ahl n-oo-reh-ha

Ah-ley ar-mohn ah-sher nee-tash b-ahsh-maht tson ah-dah-reh-ha
V-ahl bi-aht m-char-fei ahl b-tohch mik-dahsh cha-dah-reh-ha

Ah-ley gah-loot m-shar-tay Eyl mahn-ee-mey shir z-mah-reh-ha
V-ahl dah-mahm asher shu-pahch k-moh mey-mey y-oh-reh-ha

Weep for Zion and her cities. Mourn for Jerusalem. Weep for the
destruction of our Temple by the enemies of God.

4. Im esh-ka-cheich Yru-sha-la-yim
Tish-kach ymi-ni,
Tid-bak lsho-ni lchi-ki,
Im lo ez-krei-chi.
Im lo ah-ah-leh et Yru-sha-la-yim ) (2)
Al rosh sim-cha-ti. )

If I forget you, O Jerusalem
Let my right hand forget its cunning,
Let my tongue cleave to my mouth,
If I remember you not.
If I set not Jerusalem above my chiefest joy.


Song Sheet Courtesy of Congregation Am HaYam.