1. Ha-lílu-ya ha-lílu-ya iv-du av-dey A-do-nai (2)
To-rah la-nu mo-ra-sha, To-rah la-nu víke kídoe-shah (2)
Ha-lílu-ya ha-lílu-ya iv-du av-dey A-do-nai (2)
Shi-ru lo zam-ru lo ro-nu lo ho-du lo (2)
Ha-lílu-ya ha-lílu-ya iv-du av-dey A-do-nai (2)
Bíma-ah-mad Har Sinai sham nig-la A-do-nai (2)
Ha-lílu-ya ha-lílu-ya iv-du av-dey A-do-nai (2)

Praise the lord. Holy is our heritage the Torah.
Sing to God and praise God.
The Lord was revealed at Mt. Sinai.

2. Ba-ruch Eh-lo-hei-nu sheh- bíra-nu lich-vo-do (3) lich-vo-do
Od ha-pa-am od ha-pa-am lich-vo-do (3)

Víhiv-dee-la-nu min ha-toe-im (3) min ha-toe-im
Od ha-pa-am od ha-pa-am min ha-toe-im (3)

Vína-tan la-nu To-raht eh-met (3) To-raht eh-met
Od ha-pa-am od ha-pa-am To-raht eh-met (3)

Víchai-yea o-lam na-tah bítoe-chei-nu (3) na-tah bítoe-chei-nu
Od ha-pa-am od ha-pa-am bítoe-chei-nu (3)

Blessed is the Lord that created us, for distinguishing us from the erring;
who gave us the Torah and everlasting life.

3. To-raht eh-met na-tan líah-mo El
Al yad nívi-oh neh-man bei-toe
Lo ya-cha-leef ha-El vílo ya-meer da-toe
Líoh-la-mim líoh-la-mim lízu-la-toe.

The Lord has given us the Torah through his faithful prophet. God will not change or alter this law.

4. Our heads are decked with garlands, baskets filled to the brim
From far and near weíre coming, weíre bringing ďbi-ku-rimĒ
From the Ei-mek, from the Jor-dan, and Sha-ron
From Judea, from Ga-lil and the Her-mon,
Clear, clear the way, this is pilgrimsí day
Beat, beat, beat the drum, sound the flute and sing
Beat, beat, beat the drum, first of fruits we bring.

Sa-lei-nu al kítei-fei-nu ra-shei-nu a-tu-rim
Mik-tsot ha-ah-retz ba-nu hei-vei-nu bee-ku-rim
Mi-hu-da mi-hu-da u-mi-shom-ron
Min ha-ei-mek min ha-ei-mek víha-ga-leel
Pa-nu deh-rech la-nu bee-ku-rim i-ta-nu
Hach hach hach ba-tof vícha-leil bícha-leel. (2)


Song Sheet Courtesy of Congregation Am HaYam.