Metzora (Leviticus 14:1-15:33)

14:2 What does this verse teach us?
14:4 What does “live” mean? How do we know?
What is a “pure” bird?
Why are the following necessary for the sufferer’s purification?
Why is there a need for two birds and why is one bird released?
14:5 What quantity of water is used?
14:6 What does this verse teach us about the bird?
14:8 What does “but he shall dwell outside of his tent” teach us?
14:10 For which offering is the ewe brought?
14:13 How is this guilt-offering different from all other guilt offerings?
14:14 What does the Hebrew word “tenuch” mean?
14:16 What does “before HaShem” mean?
14:17 What two things does “on the blood of the guilt-offering” teach us?
14:20 What does the juxtaposition of the offerings teach us?
14:21 Why is the sacrifice of a metzora unique?
14:23 What does “the eight day of his purification” mean?
14:34 Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
14:35 Why should one not make a definitive statement with regard to the affliction?
14:40 What does “impure place” refer to?
14:41 What does “all around” indicate?
15:2 What does this verse have to do with Azazel?
Why didn’t Moses and Aaron have to speak to the Israelites about a metzora but did have to speak to them about a zav?
15:5 What does this verse teach us about the bedding?
15:18 What caused the woman’s impurity?
15:19 What does this verse teach us?
15:25 How many days is “many days”?