Eikev (Deut. 7:12 - 11:25)

7:1 Why is the Hebrew word “Eikev” used here instead of the Hebrew word “Im”?
7:14 Where Else are the words for “infertile female” and “infertile male” found in the Torah?
7:15 Why does the Torah change verbs from “put” to “give”?
7:19 What does tests refer to?
What does signs refer to?
What does wonders refer to?
What is the difference between tests and signs?
7:20 What is a tzirah?
How did it terrify the people?
7:22 What is the verse speaking of?
8:1 What does “all the commandment” mean?
8:2 What does “whether you would observe his commandments” mean?
8:3 What does the verse teach us about parenting?
8:4 Why didn’t their garments wear out?
What is the difference between this verse and Deut. 29:4?
In this verse why didn’t they wear shoes?
Why did the Levites wear shoes?
8:10 Where else is this verse found?
8:15 Why does the verse only speak of how the Jews were saved from thirst?
8:17-18 Why are these verses crucial to one’s faith and Torah observance?
9:10 What does the shorter spelling of the Hebrew word for tablets mean?
9:18 What date did Moses ascend the mountain and descend the mountain the first time?
What date did he descend the mountain the second time?
What holiday is celebrated on that day?
What did G-d say that we read in the prayer book on that day?
9:20 Why was G-d angry with Aaron?
How effective were Moses” prayers?
Why is Aaron’s individual sin mentioned in Moses” rebuke to all the people?
What was Aaron’s punishment?
10:1 What does “at that time” refer to?
How many Arks were there?
Who made them?
Which Ark went into battle?
What happened when the wrong Ark went into battle?
10:6 Why is the journey mentioned here?
Where did Aaron die?
What happened when he died?
10:8 What connection does the setting apart of the Children of Levi have to do with Moses” rebuke?
What does “to bless with His name” refer to?
10:9 What does “G-d is his heritage” mean?
10:12 What does “fear of G-d” mean?
10:16 What does “the barrier of your heart” refer to?
10:20 What word in Hebrew has no equivalent in English?
How is it used in Hebrew?
11:12 What is “the beginning of the year?
11:13 What does this verse teach us about how we should approach the study and observance of Torah?
11:20 What does this verse teach us?