Behar: Levit. 25:1-26:2

25:1-4 What is the connection between Shemittah (7th year) and Mt. Sinai?
25:2 What is the connection between the Shemittah year and Shabbat?
25:4, 11 Why does the Torah use singular verbs regarding Shemittah but plural verbs for Yoveil (50th year)?
25:9 What is one purpose of sounding the Shofar on Yom Kippur of the Yoveil year?
25:10 What does " You shall return each man to his family " have to do with freedom?
25:14-17 What does the Talmud say about intentionally misleading a person into thinking you are buying something
from him?
What type of mitzvot are usually accompanied by the words "You shall fear your G-d"?
25:25 Why is this law stated in the singular while the laws stated in previous verses are in the plural?
25:35 Why do the words "and his means fail with you" mean?
25:36 How are the words " let your brother live with you" connected to not taking interest?
What is the punishment for one who takes interest?
25:36, 38 What is the connection between the Exodus and lending with interest?
25:37 Why is the regular Hebrew word for interest not used in this verse?
26:2 What conduct in shul does this verse teach us?