Bechukotai: Levit. 26:3-27:34

26:3 Why does the Torah portion start with the word "If"?
What is the connection with this verse and a slow learner of Torah?
The actual Hebrew is "If you walk in my decrees" and not "if you follow my decrees". What does the Hebrew word walk teach us about spirituality?
What does the Hebrew verb "walk" have to do with Halachah (Jewish Law; that is, the application of Torah principles to practical problems).
26:15 What does this verse tell us about someone who is "too pious"?
26:17 Wouldn't it be worse if they were fleeing and someone really was pursuing them?
26:19 Why is the wording in this verse reversed in Duet. 28:23?
26:23-24 The words "Even I" seem superfluous, why are they in the verse?
26:28 What is the connection between this verse and Yom Tov (Holiday)?
26:34 Why is the punishment for violating the Shemittah so severe?
26:42 What is Hashem saying here?
26:45 What does this verse have to do with a man wanting to divorce his wife because she is getting old?

Chazak, Chazak v’Nitchazeyk

Be Strong! Be Strong! And May We Be Strengthened !